IRS Authorized Form 941 E-File Provider
IRS Authorized Form 941 E-File Provider

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  • Get Instant Status updates from the IRS
  • Bulk Upload data using Excel/ CSV Templates
  • In-built Error check
  • Includes 941 Schedule B, Form 8974

Features to Simplify your Form 941 Online Filing!

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Schedule B (Form 941)

ExpressEfile supports Form 941 Schedule B to report tax liability and semiweekly deposit schedule.

Error Checking

Bulk Upload your data Using Excel or CSV

Use our 941 bulk upload template and reduce the time in manually uploading your data.

IRS Instant Notification

Built-In Error Check

Our internal audit check makes sure your return is error-free before transmitting to the IRS, reducing the chances of form rejection.

Form 8974

Form 8453-EMP/ Online Signature PIN

Don't have an Online Signature PIN? don't worry! You can always use Form 8453-EMP to e-sign your Form 941.

File Form 941 Online with us and Get Instant Status Update from the IRS.

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What are the Changes in Form 941 for the 2024 Tax Year?

The IRS has recently revised Form 941 for the 2024 tax year. Accordingly, the following changes have been made to the form 941 for 2024:

  • The Social Security wage base limit for 2024 has been increased from $160,200 to $168,600.
  • In 2024, the social security and medicare tax will apply to Household employees who are paid $2,700 or more and election workers who receive $2,300 or more in cash.
  • Starting from the 2024 tax year, Covid-19 credits for qualified sick and family leave wages can no longer be claimed on Form 941.
  • After 2023, Forms 941-SS and Form 941-PR are to be discontinued. Instead, to report tax withholdings employers will use Form 941 or, if they prefer a Form in Spanish, they can use new Form 941 (sp).
  • Publications. 51, 80, and 179 will no longer be available after 2023. Instead, information necessary to agricultural employers and employers in U.S. territories will be included in Publication 15 (Employer's Tax Guide).

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When is the deadline to File Form 941 for 2024?

The deadline to file form 941 is the last day of the month following each quarter. You need to File 941 Tax four times every year.

First Quarter

First Quarter

April 30,

Second Quarter

Second Quarter

July 31,

Third Quarter

Third Quarter

October 31,

Fourth Quarter

Fourth Quarter

January 31,

File 941 Online before the Deadline to avoid penalties.

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Why Choose ExpressEfile to File 941 Electronically?

IRS Authorized 941 E-file Provider

IRS-authorized 941 E-file Provider

Easy to use Dashboard

Easy-to-use User Interface

Easy to use Dashboard

Review Form Summary

Lowest Price in the industry

Lowest Price in the Industry

Accurate Calculations

Accurate Calculations

Review the Form

Make Corrections Before Filings

Instant IRS Filing Status

Instant IRS Filing Status

Built-in Error Check

Built-in Error Check

Download & Print Forms

Download & Print Forms

Simplify your E-file 941 Process with Time-saving Features.

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How to E-File Form 941 Online?

  • Step 1: Complete Form 941 Information

    Choose the quarter and enter business information (EIN, Name, Business Name, and Address).

    Enter employee count, wages, and taxes withheld.

    Choose Form 941
  • Step 2: Enter Deposit Schedule & Tax Liability

    Enter the deposit schedule & tax liability for the quarter.

    Note: Complete 941 Schedule B and Form 8974 if required.

    Fill out your Form 941
  • Step 3: Pay IRS Balance Due if any

    Our software will allow you to pay the balance due to the IRS using multiple payment options such as EFW, EFTPS, Credit Card / Debit Card, and check or money order. Choose the IRS payment option of your choice and pay your balance due.

    Note: If you choose to pay using EFTPS, make sure to pay the balance due prior to the deadline. If you choose to pay the balance due through check or money order, you have to mail Form 941-V to the IRS. You can download Form 941-V, once you e-file Form 941 with the IRS.

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  • Step 4: Sign Form 941

    In order to complete the 941 filing, you must sign Form 941 using Form 8453-EMP or 94x Online Signature PIN.

    If you have an online signature PIN you can enter your 5-digit PIN, or you can use Form 8453-EMP to sign and approve your Form 941.

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  • Step 5: Review & Transmit to the IRS

    The final step is to review your form summary before transmitting it to the IRS. Our built-in error check will make sure that the return is error-free.

    You can edit any form information if required and then transmit your return to the IRS.

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