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Benefits of Filing Form W-2 Online With ExpressEfile

Experience the best benefits if you choose to E-file Form W-2 through ExpressEfile.

Form W2 Online Filing Status

Instant Filing Status

Receive instant notifications by email once the SSA processes your Form W-2. You may also check the status in your account.

Form W2 Online Error check

In-built Error Check

Basic validation of your Form W-2 will be done to make sure there are no errors in your returns, thereby reducing the chances of rejection.

Form W2 Online postal mailing

Postal Mailing

Opt for postal mailing and we’ll mail copies of Form W-2 to your employees on your behalf. Save time
and money!

Email Form W2 Online Copies

Download Form Copies

After transmitting the return to the SSA, you can download the copies or email them directly to
your employees.

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How to File Form W-2 Online?

Below are the best benefits you’ll get when you E-file Form W-2
through ExpressEfile.

Enter Form W-2 Information

Enter Information

Enter the form information such as employer and employee info, federal wages and taxes, FICA taxes, and state wages
and taxes.

Review Form W-2

Review Form

Review the draft form and make sure you have entered the correct information. If you find any mistakes, you may
update it.

E-File Form W-2

Transmit the Return
to SSA

Once you review the form, you can transmit it directly to the SSA. You’ll receive notifications as soon as your return
is processed.

Information Needed to E-File Form W-2

Here are the details required to file Form W-2 online:

  • Employer Details: Name, EIN, Employer Type,
    and Address
  • Employee Details: Name, SSN, Address, and
    Contact Information
  • Federal Details: Federal wages and federal income tax withheld
  • FICA Details: Social security and Medicare
    taxes withheld
  • State Details: State wages and state income
    tax withheld
  • Local Tax Details: Local, city or other income
    tax withheld

If you have the above information ready, start filing
Form W-2 online.

Form W2 for 2021

Automate Form W-9 with TaxBandits API

TaxBandits API can be used to enable W-9 automation in two different ways. Use the Payer Initiated method to request W9s from your vendors via email. Use the Payee Initiated method to collect W-9s from the vendors through embedded secure URL during vendor onboarding.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Form W-2

Who must file Form W-2?

Any employer who have one or more employees to whom they made payments for their services in business or trade must file Form W-2. That is, you must file Form W-2 if you have:

  • Withheld any Social Security, Medicare tax, or income tax from employee wages
  • Paid $600 or more wages, even if income, social security tax, and Medicare tax aren’t withheld

Also, employers are required to send a copy of Form W-2 to their employees.When you e-file Form W2 with ExpressEfile, you can choose the postal mailing option to let us send your employee copies on your behalf.

When is the deadline to file Form W-2?

Form W-2 must be filed on or before January 31st with the SSA. You can file the return either electronically or by paper filing. However, the SSA recommends that you e-file W2 for an error-free filing and quick processing. Please note that a copy of Form W-2 must also be sent to employees before January 31.

Deadline to file Form W-2 for the 2022 tax year is January 31, 2023.

E-file Form W-2 with ExpressEfile and get the filing status instantly. E-File Now

Are there any penalties for filing Form W-2 late?

Yes, there are penalties for filing Form W-2 late or not at all. You may also have to pay penalties if you have filed form with incorrect information.

A penalty of $30 per Form W-2 will be imposed for filing after the deadline. The penalty will increase to $60 per Form W-2 if you're filing 30 days after the deadline, and the penalty will further increase up to $500
($200 for small businesses).

What are the copies available in Form W-2?

There are 6 copies in Form W2 and each has its own purpose. Below are the copies of Form W-2:

  • Copy A - Submitted by the employer to the Social Security Administration (SSA).
  • Copy B - To be sent to the employee and the employee files it with their federal income tax returns.
  • Copy D - To be maintained by the employer for their records.
  • Copy C - To be retained by the employee for their records.
  • Copy 1 - To be filed with the employer's state or local income tax returns.
  • Copy 2 - To be filed with the employee's state or local income tax returns.

What are W2 Box 12 Codes?

The W-2 Box 12 codes are classified into four subsections: Box 12a, Box 12b, Box 12c, and Box 12d.

Each box captures a unique code ranging from A to HH to report various types of miscellaneous income. It's important to note that due to the limitation of four boxes, only four codes can be reported on each W-2 form. Any additional codes beyond this limit
will require a new W-2 form for reporting.

If you e-file Form W2 online through ExpressEfile, you will get all these copies and have an option to mail employee copies on your behalf.
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